Why Apps are child’s play

I wrote a piece  in The Daily Telegraph on 5 May urging graduate engineers to look at the apps industry as promising a bright career path – at least in the immediate future. In the course of researching the article I found a young lad of 17, Ben Tattersley, who has not only written and published his own apps, but is running classes in how to write apps in his school, with the support of his teachers.

Tattersley was at a loose end over the spring holiday last year and amused himsef reading an article about H-P’s webOS smartphone operating system.  A week later he had written his first app – a blogging program called Tumblbox for the Tumblr platform – a social media site where you can follow and de-follow people’s blogs.

It was Tattersley’s idea to teach the app development course and when he approached his tutors they were happy to back him. “I wanted something on my CV that made it different from everyone else’s, and the school has been very supportive.

Currently he is concentrating on his A levels, and looking to go to Loughborough or Brunel to study industrial design.

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