Can social media boost your Kindle sales?

It’s hard to believe but Amazon has just announced that it is now selling more than twice as many Kindle books as paper books.

Given this volume of sales, I’ve abandoned my lifelong aversion to electronic publishing and joined the gold rush.  Even I  can see that electronic publishing is the future, and that the writing is . . . well, no longer on the wall so much as on the Facebook Wall.  So I’ve swallowed hard, taken a deep breath, and launched my thriller Dead Secret on Kindle today.

However, this is the age of social media so I’m taking the opportunity to experiment with websites, blogs, facebook, linkedIn, Twitter and anything else I can think of to see if it makes any difference to online sales.

 I’ve created a website.  No, it’s not “”.  That’s not a keyword anyone would search on, so the site would never show up on Google that way.  I used Google’s keyword tool to check out the most searched on book-related terms in the past month and found out  it’s “good books” and “books online”.  As you might expect  “” was already taken, but I found that was still free – and Google doesn’t care about hyphens so that’s what I’ve called my new site.

I’ve linked to it from my other sites and re-submitted them all to Google, so that the Googlebots will crawl them all as soon as possible and add them to its index.

I’ve created a Facebook page for Dead Secret which leads people to the new website.  I’ve put the URL of the new site on my LinkedIn page and Tweeted about my new Kindle baby.  On the much-discussed question of pricing, I’ve decided on $6 in the US, £4.95 in the UK. It may be that a lower price would have sold more books but I feel the price contains a subtext message “It’s worth it”.

Probably the most constructive thing I’ve done is to write a press release, stiff with keywords about “paranormal thrillers” and “kinky sex” (if you’ve got it, flaunt it) and posted it widely on free online press release sites.  That means it will be indexed by Google News, the world’s biggest news aggregator and hence will at least pass across the desk of every magazine and newspaper on the planet.  Best of all, online press releases are forever.  They may go into the bin today but, like The Terminator,  they’ll be back – every time someone, somewhere conducts a Google search on one of “my” keyword strings.

Time will tell whether any of this pans out.  If you’d like to know how my social media masterplan works out, email me or keep in touch with this blog.

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