An important health warning on inbound links (and why link farms like Social Monkee are harmful to your SEO)


The health warning advice I’m posting here applies equally to organic search results and also to Pay Per Click Google Ads, so it’s worth taking note of!

Google’s index is set up so that it checks not only your page for keyword relevance but also the keyword relevance of inbound links to that page. In other words it checks both ends of each link for relevance.

If it finds that your page is highly relevant, but the inbound links are less relevant in keywords terms, it penalises you accordingly. If it finds that the inbound link is from a page that is completely irrelevant, then it concludes that you are link stuffing and penalises your page severely.

In other words, far from improving your page’s search result ranking, using a link stuffing service like Socialmonkee can reduce your ranking.

The same is true in Pay-Per-Click. Google tests the relevance of your landing page to the keyword content of your ad. If the relevance is high. It rewards you by either promoting your ad above others or reducing the cost per click necessary to get top billing. If the relevance of your landing page is low (for instance if your ad says Cheap iPhones, but the landing page is really selling cheap Viagra) Google will penalise you by either downranking your ad to the bottom of the pile or charging a fortune per click.

The offer of “instant links” is like all other get rich quick deals – it’s a pipedream. There is only one way to build inbound links, and that’s the hard way.

Richard Milton