An open challenge: name a single successful video campaign

A large number of the posts I see on LinkedIn Groups and other social media sites set out to promote the virtues of using video for PR and marketing and explain how to create “successful” videos.  For all those who post in this vein, here’s a little challenge: 

YouTube carries hundreds of thousands of successful videos.  Name a single successful video campaign that was designed from scratch to promote a product or service.  I’m excluding the following:-

1. Pop music videos (like Lady Gaga)

2. Amateur videos that have gone viral (like “Charlie bit my finger”)

3. Bootleg videos made by professional crews in their lunch break,  like the nosy moggy (cat lovers look away now) who sticks his head into the Ford KA sunroof.

4.  The CEO who crunches stuff up in his blender.

My grounds for excluding them is that if you sell software, or paint, or vacuum cleaners, or hot dogs, you are not going to be able to learn from or emulate any of them (unless you have more money than sense).

If anyone can name even a single valid example, I’ll eat my hat – on YouTube.

Richard Milton
Freelance Writing Services